Crisis Management and Assessment

The Contingency Plan Preparation service provides geo-spatial information to support crisis prevention and intervention
Credit: UNCHR
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MONUC, UN, Martine Perret

Crisis Management and Assessment

The Crisis Management and Assessment domain provides a set of services supporting operations before, during and after crisis events. For situations where a potential forthcoming crisis is identified, imminent action can be supported by planning and preparedness products (e.g. the evacuation of EU citizens). During a crisis, the timeliness and effectiveness of disaster relief operations can be facilitated by rapid geospatial reporting products, which assess the transportation networks, logistics facilities, critical assets and infrastructure, helicopter landing areas and population gathering areas.

After crisis or conflict, reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts can be monitored. Supervision of the appropriate utilisation of the allocated funds is of special interest to the donor community.


Four pilot services are developed in the domain of Crisis Management and Assessment:


Example: Automatic Damage Assessment in Haiti

Below is an example of Automatic Damage Assessment, performed in Carrefour city after the Haiti 12th January 2010 earthquake. The  product shows the density of destroyed dwellings where red areas indicate high damaged areas and yellow ones lower.