Support Reconstruction Missions After Conflicts

MONUC, UN, Martine Perret

Support Reconstruction Missions After Conflicts

During the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase after a conflict, the development of reconstruction will be monitored. Supervision of the appropriate utilisation of the allocated funds is especially of interest to the donor community.

The long-term component concerns the assessment and monitoring of factors such as environmental degradation, which have been proven to play a crucial role in the development of conflicts. For conflict resolution and peace building, the reconstruction of societies requires interdisciplinary spatial information. A case in point is the availability of land for agricultural production and water resources to support resilient livelihoods.


Core products


Reconstruction Monitoring Map and Report showing users the development and improvement of infrastructure in a formerly destroyed area



Reconstruction Monitoring Map and Report

Reconstruction monitoring maps are core information for various donor agencies to ensure that reconstruction projects are being carried out as expected and in the required fashion.

The product consists of two components:

  • A map indicating the progress (or lack thereof) of reconstruction activities such as the reconstruction of roads and houses, repatriation of refugees, etc.
  • A report describing briefly how to interpret the map and summarising the major results.


The maps also include additional features that are important within the overall context such as topographic and administrative information. Together with the background information provided with the enclosed report, the maps provide a comprehensive summary overview of the situation in a reconstruction area. The categories to be presented in the map need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.












Service coordination


This pilot service is coordinated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) with the efforts of other partners inside the G-MOSAIC project: JRC, TNO, PLUS-Z_GIS.


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Support Reconstruction Missions After Conflicts