Intelligence & Early Warning

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Intelligence and Early Warning

The provision of timely and accurate information before the occurrence of a crisis is a valuable asset. Such pre-emptive intelligence allows for emerging situations to be closely monitored, and for adaptive strategies to be proactively formulated based on up-to-date observations. In the area of Intelligence and Early Warning, G-MOSAIC is developing pre-operational capabilities for monitoring potential causes of regional conflict, compliance with treaties of nuclear non-proliferation, critical natural and man-made assets, and illegal activities.   

As an example, within the Natural Resources and Conflicts domain, changes to the environmental and socio-economic condition of a region are examined in terms of their predictive power as an indicator of crisis. The degradation of land, urban sprawl, or the exploitation of natural resources can serve as potential early warning signals when combined with socio-economic data about a region.


Four of the security domains in G-MOSAIC fall within the Intelligence and Early Warning area: