Nuclear and Treaties Monitoring

Credit: Grigory Pasko
Credit: Space Imaging
USNS Grapple
Imagesat International
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Nuclear and Treaties Monitoring

Services in the Nuclear and Treaties domain are focused on regularly monitoring specific sites in order to verify that decommissioning activities are taking place as per nuclear non-proliferation treaties. The services support the image analyst in verifying treaty compliance. Test sites in different areas of the world were selected based on the presence of nuclear facilities, such as the storage of nuclear armaments or the decommissioning of nuclear material.

The main activities are the regular assessment, identification and monitoring of nuclear capabilities, infrastructures and decommissioning sites. A complete set of geo-spatial products derived from Very High Resolution (VHR) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data and optical data are produced in both service chains. Products are based on a change detection analysis, which is carried out between different dates and over a long time span (9 months in the first G-MOSAIC operational phase and 6 months in the second one). 


Two pilot services are developed in the domain of Nuclear and Treaties Monitoring:


Example: Multi-temporal coherence map

Multitemporal Coherence (MTC) is obtained from two SAR images of different dates. In MTC maps, green elements represent features added in the second image . Red areas represent features removed in comparison to the first image. Blue elements are areas where no changes were detected.